The Dangers of Weights and Extenders

There are lots of stretching devices on the market for penis enlargement. These methods are most preferred for those who prefer not use the safer options such as male enhancement pills. The dangers of weights and extenders are as real as a bad trip off illegal drugs.

Weights and extenders can increase the length of your penis but these methods might do more damage than good. Several African tribes have practiced these methods for thousands of years. Did you know that hanging device methods can decrease blood circulation causing necrosis of the tissues? Yes, as much as you might not want to hear this especially if it’s a method you’ve been practicing the results could spell death.

Do You Want To Go To A Painful Extent To Achieve A Larger Penis?

Surely every man that’s ever given thought to a larger penis size has considered this method but often times even though you want something so badly certain things should be avoided. The penis is one of the most sensitive areas on a man’s body. When the penis is kicked its painful, pulled to a certain extent its also painful, why would you want to use weights and extender that are also painful?

The dangers of weights and extenders include scarring and nerve damage. It could also lead to permanent impotency so if you think you’ve got problems taking this route would just be the beginning. Scarring is most unattractive a sight on a man’s penis. If a woman were to see that surely for her own safety she’d run in the other direction far away from you.

There Are Always Other Less Painful Penis Enhancement Methods

There are some men who have experienced puss coming from the penis area and painful urination none-related to sexually transmitted diseases but due to weights and extender methods. It’s an unimaginable risk much like penis enlargement surgery. This is a subject to think hard and long on before giving it a go.

Other methods of penis enlargement are extremely safer. Patches and lotions have been referenced to be quite effective, although not as effective as the male enhancement pills. There are also several penis enlargement exercise programs you could pursue.

Penis weight and extenders come with many rules. One of those rules is the squeezing of blood from the glands while attaching the weights or extenders. Another is being able to know what the colors and temperature of your glands mean. Sound complicated? Well, there are many other important and very complicated details.

When the Bad Outweighs the Good

Different methods will affect every individual differently. Nobody can sway a person away from doing something that they have every intention in the world to do. Penis enhancement methods worked for the members of African tribes thousands of years ago, problem is that the side effects were never reported until now. If you can practice the weight and extenders method safely then so be it. If you have fear of complications then avoid it. The dangers of weights and extenders will not cease to exist, however that won’t stop people entirely from practicing it for penis enhancement.

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