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Caring for Your Penis

It’s obvious you’ve landed here because your penis is one of your most valuable assets. For some men if anything were to happen to it where they would lose the use of it, they’d feel less of a man seeking the latter option which might be death. Yes, for most men that human body part called the penis is what holds everything together. Do you know the male enhancement basics of caring for your penis? There are certain things you must do besides just taking those male enhancement pills. Use of male enhancement pills work from the inside of your body but don’t dismiss the fact that the outside must also be taken care of. Your penis is the human body part that brings you the most pleasure and it’s also the thing that helps create life. Do you really want to turn off your partner due to poor maintenance in caring for your penis? That could be more embarrassing than not being able to achieve or maintain an erection. The majority of women care for their vaginas in many ways especially since they have monthly menstruation cycles when they bleed for several days.

Genital Grooming and Shaving Caring For Your Penis

First in the male enhancement basics: caring for your penis list we’ll discuss genital grooming. This is the thing that must be done every day and sometimes several times a day depending on several lifestyle factors. The penis is a sensitive body part for men so it’s best to use non soap cleansers. If you are going to use soap make sure it’s mild so it does no damage. Too frequent or infrequent washing of the penis can increase your risk of balanitis. Balanitis is inflammation of the glands or penis and it occurs more often on those with an uncircumcised penis.

Second in the male enhancement basics: caring for your penis list is shaving. Shaving will be dependent on if you’re the type that appreciates a clean shaving area. Some men do like to be hairy around that area for reasons unknown to everyone but themselves. Shaving your public area does have its benefits. If you’re a man greatly into oral sex your partner would have a better time not having to fight with removal of public hair. A clean shaving public area also makes your penis look much bigger even without the use of male enhancement pills.

Caution While Thrusting and Walking In Caring For Your Penis

Third in the male enhancement basics: caring for your penis list is caution when thrusting. Did you know that most men at some point in life after sexual activity will experience puss-like discharge from the penis? It’s not always due to sexually transmitted diseases, a majority of the time it’s due to thrusting too hard or too fast causing penile trauma. Slow down, if you know what you’re doing there won’t be any need to ram someone as if you were a porn star.

Fourth in the male enhancement basics: caring for your penis list is walking. Sounds funny but there are studies that show men who walk on average 2 miles per day greatly decrease their risks of erection problems by over 50%. If for some odd reason you don’t like walking, try going to the gym every once in a while.

How Does Sexual Activity With One Woman Sound For You?

Fifth in the male enhancement basics: caring for your penis list is sexual activity with only one woman. This may be the hardest thing ever for some men to do but it beats STDs and reduces your risks of erectile dysfunction. Doing so will also help to preserve erections. There are many other things that you surely could add to the list because no one knows how to better care for your penis than yourself, after all you’ve had years of experience maintaining it. No you have a general idea just in case you’ve been doing something wrong.

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