The Mayo Clinic's Take on Male Enhancement Pills

The mayo clinic’s take on natural male enhancement pills is quiet interesting yet very opinionated. Everyone knows that the market for male enhancement pills and products has shown tremendous growth. In fact, when you turn on the TV late night there are plenty of companies advertising their own versions of male enhancement pills or products.

Mayo clinic has the belief that due to little scientific support for penis enlargement nonsurgical methods such as male enhancement pills what’s advertised could be ineffective or cause some type of damage. It’s safe to say that the mayo clinic feels as though men should be satisfied with the natural size of their penis without use of male enhancement pills and products. Truthfully most men aren’t satisfied with their penis size and it’s no different than women wearing hair extensions because they’re not satisfied with the length of their hair.

What’s really Average or Normal Penis Size?

There are claims of studies suggesting men have the wrong idea of what average or normal penis size is. Those studies are based on a belief that the average size penis is between 3 to 5 inches none erect but up to 7 inches when erect. They also consider that a penis less than 3 inches is what’s considered below average. Again, unless they have measured the penis of every man throughout the world those studies remain examples of opinionated views.

It’s true that most advertisements and media do want men to believe that the penis should be a particular size to truly satisfy a partner. That’s how you sell a product but the individuals purchasing male enhancement pills must deeply feel the need for use of those methods themselves. With all products you have the good reviews and the bad reviews but they are just that, reviews.

Male Enhancement Pills Good Reviews, Negative Review, and Dirty Tactics

Often reviews negative reviews might come from people that have never used a particular product and have been paid by others individuals or companies to do so. It’s hard to weed through the fake comments and real comments on any particular product even if it’s a simple bread maker. Advertisement amongst companies with similar products or services has gotten so competitive that they’re often using dirty tactics to turn prospects away from each other.

However, since we’re talking about the mayo clinic’s take on natural male enhancement pills, they believe “most male enhancement products” are not effective but certainly not all. We live in an opinionated world where although we might not be in total agreement about something, we’re not in total disagreement either. They may be on target when stating that some of the male enhancement pills on the market are ineffective.

We’d all like to see those reports and the actual product names to back up the claims. Surely you can’t take the word of two or three people stating a product has failed or is not worth a try, over hundreds of thousands testimonials from people that have benefited from use of that product. Or can you? Mayo clinics take on male enhancement pills and products should be neutral but it just has a negative vibe.

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