Why Nitric Oxide Plays an Important Role in Male enhancement Why

plays an important role
in male enhancement

Questioning why nitric oxide plays an important role in male enhancement is an easily understandable answer. First, for those of you not familiar with the term “nitric oxide” it’s a functioning gas within the body working as a neurotransmitter allowing the body to know when to make blood vessels relax and often widen. Still not understanding exactly what that means? Well, when related to male enhancement it causes relaxation of the blood vessels within the penis therefore producing erections.

When penis muscles relax, blood vessels can open or dilate. The penile chambers are then able to swell because of increased blood flow due to blood vessels dilation. The blood then becomes trapped within the erectile tissue setting in motion one of the most amazing feelings in the world for most men.

L-Argentine Is a Nitric Oxide Precursor

Because production of nitric oxide decreases with age it greatly affects the male libido also impairing lots of men’s ability to sustain hard and firm erections. Impotence or erectile dysfunction are the results. There are many natural ways to deal with those problems that could be responsible for many embarrassing moments and a blow to the self esteem. One of those ways is an amino acid known as L-Arginine.

L-Argentine is a component of many things including collagen, skin, connective tissues, enzymes and hormones, even connective tissues. L-Arginine is simply converted to nitric oxide for aid in stimulation or penile erection maintaining through improved blood circulation within the body. Other benefits of L-Arginine besides enhancing the sex drive of the individual are muscle gain and lowering of the blood pressure, nitrogen balance, liver detoxification and wound healing.

Food Sources of L-Arginine and More Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

There are many food sources of L-Arginine including coconut, peanuts, walnuts, milk, chicken, turkey, oat and wheat cereals, seafood’s, and other foods rich in protein. It’s also been said that L-Arginine many include antioxidant properties. If you’re not getting the amount of L-Arginine for your purposes through foods there are also many supplements available.

Causes of erectile dysfunction could be due to psychological issues, drugs, or health conditions such as diabetes. Men in unhealthy shape are more prone to erectile dysfunction. Recommendations are always healthy eating, no smoking, and plenty of exercise.

Obsessive Alcohol Drinking Can Cause Impotence in Many Men

Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol should be less frequent or stopped altogether. It’s a proven fact that heavy consumption of alcohol is one of the leading causes of impotence. Physicians recommend a glass of red wine because of its containing of antioxidants.

Long term-alcohol abuse has been known to cause nerve damage inhibiting transmitting of the impulses from pituitary glands to genitals leading to inability get and maintain erections. Damage to the nerves of the penis can be a direct result of alcohol abuse. While nitro oxide does play a major role in male enhancement a combination of all the mentioned factors makes up the individual results.

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