Tips on How To
Pleasure Your

Maybe you’re feeling like your partner has bored with sex between the two of you lately? Tell tale signs are always less participation, just laying there and letting you do whatever you want, no longer noisy, no longer dirty talks, or wants to converse with you about none sex related things during sex. If any of that has begun happening you’re definitely in need of top tips on how to pleasure your partner.

Face it, just like men tire of the same boring routine during sex women also tire. And just like a man might quickly find himself looking elsewhere for the more exciting, women would do the same. This is where cheating comes into a relationship or marriage with problems usually starting out in the bedroom. Any marriage counselor would tell you that dull sex in relationships or marriages can put a strain on how the couple involved relates to each other.

Foreplay Is Definitely In the Top Tips on How to Pleasure Your Partner List

The top tips on how to pleasure your partner are going to keep you from having to experience any of those problems. They’ll certainly make you a better lover. You’ll be able to get your partner back in that wild and crazy state where she’ll be almost begging to have sex with you.

Have you tried foreplay? Women love foreplay, for most it’s more pleasurable as the sex itself. It involves a lot of gentle caressing, some whispering, nibbling, and whatever else comes to the imagination. Once you get a woman hot with foreplay she can really get into the act. Foreplay sends signals the woman’s brain that a man worships her and that the sex is not just wham bam sex. It shows her you want to give pleasure as much as you want to receive it yourself.

Have You Tried Cunnilingus? It Works!

Another act that women truly love is cunnilingus. That might be a turn-off for most men but just the same as you enjoy oral sex she does. The trick to this is doing it exactly how she likes it. If you’ve never done this with your partner you could try asking for direction in how to do it, she might be anxious to help you out by showing you the ropes.

The best part about pleasure is that there are so many ways to get it. If you’ve grown used to a certain sexual position with your partner try switching it up from time to time. Learn some new position to stimulate her clitoris area. There are books you can read and movies to watch (porn) that will help you pick up a few new techniques.

If you have more than one partner you’re going to be going into overtime learning what pleases them all. Remember what works for one probably won’t work for the other. Keep the doors of communication open so you’ll know when something’s being approached wrong or entirely right. Communication has always been the key to a healthy relationship and creating a healthy more exciting and satisfying sex life. Top tips on how to pleasure your partner can do a great deal of good.

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