2 Ways to Make Your Penis
Longer & Wider

Make your Penis Longer and Wider

Most Men Don’t Stick to Penis Exercising


Exercising the penis is where the growth starts. Using your forefinger and thumb you can practice the method called milking. Practice this method daily and you should start seeing results. It’s almost like a massage so don’t be surprised if you become sort of addicted to doing this. Unfortunately penis exercise is the least practiced method because most men don’t feel they have the patience to stick to certain routines.

Start taking herbs and male enhancement supplements. Be cautious of the companies you choose to order from by going with trusted companies that have lots of feedback and excellent results. Male enhancement and herbal substances increase the blood flow to the penis some provide penis growth, plus they’re over all healthy as most will contain ingredients safe to use for the entire body.

Penis Pumps, Weights, and Extenders


There are other methods like penis pumps and weights or extenders. Weights and extenders are said to be effective but when practiced could produce more dangerous results than good. African tribes practiced the weights and extenders method thousands of years ago that has led to many men practicing that method today.

If done correctly they could be effective in penis enlargement. If done incorrectly you could experience permanent impotence, tissue scarring, bleeding, and other dangerous symptoms such as puss gushing from the penis. Even the use of penis pumps provides certain avoidable risk factors. Some men that have chosen to avoid all the above methods have resorted to having penis surgery. The surgery could cost anywhere from $3000 to over $5000 depending on where the surgery will be performed.

Patients will be placed under anesthesia during penis surgery so it’s likely they won’t feel a thing, again likely. The individual would definitely see a gain in length but there are no ways to predict how much length gain will be received before surgery takes place. While penis surgery might be a good option it could also lead to several thousands of dollars lost on results that may not satisfy the individual. Whatever ways to make your penis longer and wiser you choose make sure it’s something you’re comfortable with doing.

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