My 6 Secrets to
Get a Bigger Penis

We live in a “Super Sized” world! Bigger is better. Go “Large” or go home. And its not just talk. In fact, there have been numerous studies that validate the notion that women like men who are bigger. The most recent study just published was conducted by researcher Stuart Brody, and it also confirmed this belief. (see the news article from the New York Daily below).

I have been working on making my penis BIG and keeping it BIG for over 35 years! And, yes, I have picked up a few secrets, techniques along my “interesting” journey that I use to keep it BIG. I am actually bigger today than I have ever been and I believe my Six Secrets could be the reason. Getting BIG require some knowledge and some science. Read my Six Secrets and hopefully they will be a BIG help to you!

Study Shows Size DOES Matter


News Story From November 12, 2012 Study Shows Size Matters!

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You Have to Use Your Penis Often

“how You are interested in making your penis bigger right? Of course. Let me give you a shocking statistic that might scare you – the average man’s penis shrinks 19.8% by the time he is 50 years old! Yikes! This was a study done by Dr. Pierre Ducant. Well with this in mind my first secret is pretty simple – you have to use your penis pretty often. I mean you should have sex, as often as you can, but if you don’t have a partner right now you should masturbate like 3 or 4 times a week. This keeps the capillaries in the two chambers of your penis active and supple. It won’t make them bigger or longer but it won’t get smaller and it will stay healthy and in good shape. Sounds funny to talk about your penis as being “in good shape” but it’s true. It’s not different than any other muscle in your body. Think of it like walking your dog or watering your lawn – but sex is a lot more fun than watering your lawn!

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Testosterone Discovery Changes EVERYTHING!

Supplements Did you know that approximately 2% of men are born with a naturally large penis of over 9 inches? I’m sure you’ve seen them in a locker room at some point in your life. Well, science has discovered in the last five years that the reason some men are naturally bigger than others is not a result of some “genetic gift” that only the lucky 2% has and others will never have. No. The real secret has to do with the testosterone in your body. Specifically, the answer lies in the balance or ratio of “free” testosterone vs. “bound” testosterone. This is the key. Let me explain:

Not only is testosterone is the primary sex hormone in men, but it also regulates your body’s physical appearance, and affects numerous pathways and systems in your body, including penis size. Your body has two types of testosterone: “free” testosterone that circulates throughout your body “freely” (thus the name “free” testosterone) and the other is “bound” testosterone (which is attached or “bound” to proteins in your body). Bound testosterone accounts for 90-95% of the testosterone in your body, while free testosterone normally accounts for the remaining 5-10%. Now, science has discovered that the more free testosterone in your body, the larger your penis becomes. So the key is to convert some of the bound into free!!

Bound testosterone is either attached or “bound” to Albumin (the main protein in the fluid part of blood) or it is “bound to a specific binding protein known as Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG). The binding between the testosterone and the Albumin is not very strong and can easily be freed up with compounds that are targeted to turn this bound testosterone into free testosterone. That is the secret to making your penis bigger! That is the key. This is because the more free testosterone you have the more that is transported to the two chamber of the penis resulting in more expansion and greater capacity. So if you do not have naturally high levels of free testosterone, the “trick” is to trigger the release of bound testosterone and convert it into free testosterone, which then makes it way to your penis! Bill Nye the Science Guy was never this interesting!

There are numerous natural compounds that target freeing up bound testosterone, with the most effective being Tribulus Aquaticus. The most studied and clinically scrutinized Tribulus Aquaticus comes from Bulgaria. Not surprisingly, most of, if not all, of the top male enhancement supplements contain this sought after ingredient.

Bottom Line: It’s a great time to be a man – take advantage of this “gift” from science!

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It Might be Time To Dump The Pump

Dont Over Use Pumps  You see ads everywhere for penis pumps. Some of my friends in the adult industry endorse and use some pumps. But what they don’t tell you is that you don’t use pumps over an extended period of time. In other words don’t use them a lot because they can be dangerous – I mean very dangerous – if you use them too much.

Here is what can happen. They can cause nerve damage, they can rupture capillaries in the two chambers of your penis, and they can cause vein damage. If you think a sprained ankle or a pulled quad is painful – try messing up your dick with a penis pump. Your dick can look and feel mutilated. Some guys damage the tissue in their penis and it makes their penis look like it was put in a meat grinder! I’m not kidding.

Now I’m not saying pumps don’t have their place. If you use them a few times and pump your junk ever now and then it can be kind of fun and can make your dick look bigger, but there is no real size change after about one hour. But they are still kind of a fun little tool to play with especially if you have a cool chick with you and she is in on it. But, my main point is if you think a penis pump is going to get you bigger you must be careful because you can really hurt yourself.

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Confusing Your Penis

If you lift weights, something I haven’t done in ages, you should be familiar with the phrase or the concept of “muscle confusion”. It’s based on the theory that if you keep doing the same exercise all the time for a certain muscle it won’t get any bigger. It will get used to the same routine, so in order to get bigger you have to “confuse” the muscle from time to time and use it in different ways so it gets bigger and stronger. It’s a great concept and it really works. I am quite proud of myself that 30 or 35 years ago I instinctively figured this out on my own as it relates to my penis. It’s basically “penis confusion” for a lack of a better term. What you have to do is occasionally throw your penis a “curve ball” by making it do something it is not used to doing. Example: After I have sex I want to relax order a pizza watch TV, etc. But, every once in awhile I immediately try and have sex again. My penis will be soft and tender and tired but I keep at it with my partners help of course until my dick is hard again and I can have sex again. I do this maybe once every couple of months, not a lot, but I’m telling you it makes a difference. You will see and feel it.

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Increase Your Sperm Release With Vitamin E

Vitamin E Gets More Sperm Ron Jeremy, vitamin expert here. Isn’t it funny that two of my six secrets involve natural supplements? You’re going to love male enhancement pills, but you are also going to love good ole’ boring vitamin E when you understand what it can do for you. Vitamin E increases sperm production like crazy. You always hear about doctors telling couple who are having difficulty conceiving to make sure the men use vitamin E. If you want to shoot bigger loads, then start taking way above the normal level of vitamin E. Try this, take three times the amount recommended for one week and then when you ejaculate I think you will be stunned at how much more semen you produce.

Well, not only is it reported by studies to be good for increased semen production, but it might help make you a little bigger, in the thickness department. The extra sperm production makes your penis wider by a bit I have discovered. It’s kind of cool. So go down to your local GNC or your local drugstore or online and get some vitamin E.

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Lay off the Pharmaceuticals

Vitamin E Gets More Sperm Don’t take drugs! I don’t want to sound like some high school principle, because I ain’t - but stay off the pharmaceutical boner pills. They are synthetic drugs and they can do more harm than good. Now if you're 84 like my buddy Hef – well then the little blue pill makes sense. But if you can still get it up, I would try natural products instead.

Pharmaceuticals can make you dependent on them, it is causing all kinds of side effects, and in the long run will none of the pharmaceutical will make you bigger – they only makes you temporarily harder. So stay away – I have never even tried them! Hard to believe but true. My penis health is too important to me – so stay away.

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